Madame Alexander Heiress Elegance Cissette


This is Madame Alexander’s Heiress Elegance Cissette number 46995 from the Boutique Shadow Cissette Collection and is from a very small limited edition of 300. She has blue eyes and comes with two dark wigs. For daytime, with a ‘Hollywood Tan’ and a long black wig Cissy wears an iridescent blue skirt with an organza jacket topped with a ruched jewel embellished band around her torso. For nighttime, her second outfit features an elaborate blue green brocade coat with green trim. Her short black wig is accented with red highlights. Underneath her gown is a sheer green full-length bodysuit with floral trim. She is 10 inches tall and also comes with accessories that can be work with either outfit. The accessories include a necklace, earrings, pantyhose, and shoes. This doll is recommended for ages 14 and up.

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