Lee Middleton Munchkin Strawberry Blonde


This delightful munchkin is surprisingly lifelike and has a light skin tone, strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes. The content expression shows just how much baby is loved and is being well taken care of. Newborn Nursery babies are designed to look and feel like real babies, and at 19 inches long and 3.5 lbs, this baby is a delightful handful. Bring baby home and fall in love! The Newborn Nursery babies were originally designed to be adopted at the Doll Shop and the child would carry the new baby home. So they were not packaged in original collector boxes. We have shown pictures of the way they come to retailers, and we will place this packaging safely into a new shipper box for delivery. This listing is for the dressed doll only. The quilt is a Prop and is not included.

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