Berenguer La Newborn Pink Polka Dot Romper 18537


The baby doll is 15″ long and weighs approximately 2lbs. This La Newborn comes dressed in a sweet pink and white dot layette set. The set includes a removable bubble suit, super soft socks, hat and cozy blanket. Your little one will love swaddling this baby, keeping her cuddly, safe and loved. No shortcuts were made in the making of this doll. You can keep it good as new for many years because of its durable and easily washable vinyl body. To make the doll brand new again, all it takes is a simple spot wash with warm water and mild soap. The body is unscented and the only moving parts are the jointed shoulders, hips, and neck. These rotating body parts allow you to easily add and remove the doll’s clothing for cleaning and dress-up fun.    Please note that our last shipment of dolls came with a new box design that we are very pleased with!  They now come in a heavy shoe box style which is much safer to ship than the cellophane front box.

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