Delux Smarty Pants


Smarty Pants was made by Topper in 1971. She is a very cute little 18 inch doll that is all vinyl with joints at the arms and legs. She has blue stationary eyes with lashes and blonde rooted hair. Smarty Pants has her original box ( a little worn after 40 plus years) and her instruction sheet. She requires a “D” battery which we did install and could not get her to talk. Should you be able to strike a conversation with her, she has many wonderful and smart things to say. When you move her leg, she tells you “I have 5 toes“. When you kiss her forhead, she says “I love you Mommy“, when you press her left hand, she replies “this is my left hand“, when you press the button on her tummy she says “you’re tickling me“, when you press the button on her back she says “hold me tighter mommy”. She is a very cute doll and has obviously not been played with. She comes to you in her original box with her instruction sheet in non-working condition.

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