Ideal Dopey Ventriloquist From 1938


Dopey is a wonderful very old doll. He was made by Ideal in 1938 and is about 20 inches tall. Dopey has a composition head and hands with three fingers and a thumb (purposely made with only three fingers, a Disney thing) on a cloth body. He has a hinged mouth that is operated by a drawstring in the back of his head. Dopey can be found in the Collector’s Guide to Ideal Dolls Identification and values book second edition by Judith Izen on page 55. His original purchase price in 1938 was $3.00 and he is valued in the book at $800.00. This Dopey is not complete, he is missing his cap, one button, the belt and something that goes around his neck. He is wearing his original orange coat, blue long onesie. His brown shoes are sewn on as part of his body. We have taken lots and lots of pictures of this little guy because our knowledge of composition dolls is extremely limited. Our expertise is in the area of vinyl and porcelain. His mouth seems to move properly. He does have crazing, some deep. There are a few stains on his outfit. We can not tell for sure, but think his eyes may have been repainted and do not know if he has had any other kind of repairs, which is why we have taken so many pictures.

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