Ideal Giggles


Giggles was made by Ideal between 1967 and 1969.  She is about 18 inches tall with a soft vinyl face and a hard vinyl body that is jointed at the neck, arms, and legs.  She has blonde rooted hair and green side glancing eyes.  When her arms are pulled together, she is supposed to giggle and her head move from side to side.  Life just doesn’t seem as funny  in the 2000 as it did in the good all days apparently from this little gal.  When you pull her arms together, her head moves from side to side and she just has a silent smile.  She is dressed in her original outfit consisting of a striped short sleeved top and matching shorts in shades of orange, pink, yellow, and olive green.  She is also still wearing her very hard to find black sandals. There is a tiny hole in the top and the elastic has come out of her panties with time.

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