Lee Middleton 25 years of Love


In celebration of Lee Middleton Original Dolls’ 25th Anniversary – our little one is draped with a sheer, full length overdress trimmed in Venice lace. Tiny pleats run from her shoulders down the front of the dress with a sheer lace insert creating a bodice. Tiny Embroidered flowers accent the front of the bodice. A full length, satin batiste dress is underneath, and pants are gathered at her ankles. A gorgeous satin quilt embroidered with twenty five roses creates a bed of roses for our little one.

25 Years of Love was limited to production to the year 2003 as part of Lee Middleton’s Artist Studio Collection. She has a birthdate of 7-1-2003. Her strawberry blonde hair is beautiful with her blue eyes and light skin tone. She comes with gorgeous quilt, pamphlet, COA, Bible and catalogue, in her original box.

The chair is a prop only and is not included in this listing. The box is in fair condition.

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