Madame Alexander Going to the Park Outfit Victoria and Other 14”


This really cute little outfit is Going To The Park as part of Madame Alexander’s collection for the 14 inch Victoria doll, and will also fit many other 14 inch dolls. The two piece outfit is pink, trimmed in sage green print floral flowers in shades of pink, purple, and gold. The coordinating trim is the same colors in a plaid print which the bows and the hat are made from. The back of the package reads: “Introducing the most fashionable and adorable collections for your doll. Each outfit is exquisitely designed and detailed with the perfect accessories for your doll’s ensemble. Have tons of fun dressing your Madame Alexander baby dolls”. The set was released in 2001. We are Madame Alexander retailers and your outfit will come to you new in the original package. The hanger top was bent to fit in the box in shipment, so all 6 outfits we have for sale do have the bent hangers. They will most likely be sent with the cardboard bent to fit in a smaller box.

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