Madame Alexander Paulette


Paulette is number 1128 from Madame Alexander’s 1989 Portrette Collection. She is 10 inches tall and has blonde hair pulled back in a low ponytail with bangs. She has blue open close eyes and lovely blue eyeshadow. Paulette is jointed at the neck, arms, and legs. Her dress is gorgeous and made of a pretty pink velveteen skirt and matching jacket while the bodice and lining of the skirt and jacket are made of pink satin. The bodice is trimmed in white lace and the jacket has tiny little black buttons. Under her dress are white stockings, white pantaloons trimmed in white lace with pink insertion ribbon, and a half slip which is also trimmed in white lace with pink insertion. To complete her outfit, she has a hat with pink faux feather, handbag, and shoes all made of black velveteen fabric. She comes to you in very good condition with her wrist tag, purse, and COA all tucked neatly in her original box. Her eyes need some help, but do stay in whatever position they are placed. The box is also in good condition with the exception of a spot on the front where a sticker was removed as shown in the picture.

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