Masterpiece Blonde Wig Only ( No Doll ) For 48″ Sleeping Beauty Doll


This is the blonde wig that was designed for the Sleeping Beauty doll by Monika Levenig. It fits most 48″ dolls that are designed by Monika Levenig …as well as some other artists.  This wig was purchased directly from Masterpiece Dolls.  It may need to have the bangs trimmed a bit, as Masterpiece trims up their wigs after they are glued to the heads when the dolls are made, and since it is not attached to a head, we sometimes need to give the wig a little cut. It will come to you new in the original plastic bag, as it comes to us from the factory.  We are  a retailer for the Masterpiece Dolls.   These wigs do not come with wig boxes. They are the same identical wigs that are used on the Sleeping Beauty doll.  This is a good opportunity to add variance to your doll….by changing the wig to a different color, or they can be used on other dolls that require a wig this size.  These large wigs are hard to find. This listing is for the wig only, no accessories are included.

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