Max Zapf Creation Colette Artist Twin Dolls Paul and Lena by Brigitte Leman


You just can’t keep from smiling when you look at these two mischievous twins! From my research, they are Paul and Lena by Brigitte Leman as part of the Zapf Creation 1998 collection. They are about 14 inches tall and are wearing coordinated outfits with hints of fall. Both happy toddlers have hazel(?) eyes and sprinkled freckles on their sweet little cheeks that looks like they have been kissed by the sunshine. They have vinyl heads and 3/4 length limbs on soft cloth bodies. Lena is wearing replaced shoes and socks and we added some bows to her pig tails. She wears a two tone sweater that is opposite of Paul’s with a little bear applique on one side and a matching kerchief in her hair. Under her sweater is a striped jumper with Colette embroidered at the hem line over a goldenrod colored short sleeved t-shirt and caramel tie dyed pants that match Paul’s hat. Paul is wearing a two tone sweater with the same bear applique over a pair of overalls that match Lena’s jumper. He also has a goldenrod colored short sleeved t-shirt and caramel colored tie dyed cap. He is wearing his original socks and shoes, and some of the flocking has worn off his shoes. They are both in good displayed condition and cute as can be! We do not have their boxes or COA’s.

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