OOAK Factory Painted Reborn Blaze Red Hair


This is little Blaze. Recently, we found these kits which were available with three different colors of rooted hair. This kit is factory pre-painted. She had her eyes already inserted, and we added eyelashes for realism. She has full length vinyl arms and legs, so she can wear summer outfits also. We decided to order them and make  them into dolls. It is a cute sculpt. The painting is not perfect, as it is a factory painted kit, not a Reborn kit. We bought nice suede cloth bodies for them and lightly weighted them as we put them together.  We then dressed them in new little matching knit outfits.  We also including a little plush toy and a toy doll rattle. Again, she is not a  reborn doll, but a cute factory painted 17″ doll made from a kit. This listing does not include the little swing. She does not come with an original box as she is from a kit, but she will be carefully packaged in a new shipper box.

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