OOAK Secrist in Lee Middleton Good Girl Outfit


This is a new 22″ toddler doll that we created using a new “Chipmunk” sculpt by Secrist/Apple Valley. She was so much fun to make, with her vinyl head and 3/4 vinyl limbs. We gave her a soft and cuddly body that is slightly weighted. When she was completed, we found the perfect little new Lee Middleton dress and panties for her. It is delicate pale pink, with puffed sleeves and has a beautifully embellished white pinafore over it. The little pinafore is gorgeous with silk ribbon embroidery and lots of lovely lace. We put lacey white socks and new white shoes on her feet and matching pink organza bows on her little dog ears. She is not a rough and tumble play doll, but does enjoy gentle hugs and kisses and secrets whispered in her ear.

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