Barbie Rose



The rose was the first doll in the series and is just lovely. She has long wavy dark brown hair pulled into an elaborate updo with a few long strands delicately cascading down to the bodice of her gown. Her gown is made of red satin in the shape of a rose with a long red satin skirt that is overlayed with a darker shade of red organdy. The bodice of her gown is cleverly detailed to have the appearance of a dark green velveteen leaf. She has elbow length red satin gloves to complete her look. The Rose comes to you new in her original box that she has not been removed from, with her certificate and stand. The box seems to be in good condition with a few surface scratches on the cellophane front. This is what the back of her box says “Delicate yet eternal. She is the personification of romance. Caressed in countless contradictions, she hides mysterious secrets. Her petals impart an alluring air of perfect elegance, captivating and unique. She stands now before you, fresh and lovely, in beauty’s full bloom. Classic, but always new, she is the sweet promise of everlasting love. The Rose™ reinvents Barbie® doll as an extraordinary, red blossom. She wears a full-length gown of deep red chiffon with a red/green iridescent velvet bodice and green velvet leaves featuring an embossed leaf print pattern. Resembling softly shimmering petals, the ruby red satin bodice swirls and folds, encircling and embracing Barbie. Rich red rhinestones sparkle on the skirt as fresh dew drops. A romantic headdress of velvet leaves and rhinestones, dark red gloves, and shoes are the final perfect complements to this extraordinary creation.”


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