Terri Lee Winter Wonderland


Terri Lee Associates introduced a new line of Terri Lee dolls in 2010 called the “The Four Seasons”. The dolls are 15 inches tall and are all vinyl with joints at the neck, arms, and legs. Each Terri Lee has rooted hair and painted eyes. The dolls included in their seasons collection are Fall; Ready for Recess, Spring; Swing into Spring, Winter; Winter Wonderland, and Summer; Summer by the Sea. This listing is for the Winter Wonderland doll. She has beautiful long brunette hair and dark brown eyes. Winter Wonderland is wearing a pretty purple houndstooth coat over a red corduroy dress. To complete her warm look, she has a faux fur hat, white tights, and black t-strap shoes. She comes with a brush and brand new in her original box. They modeled the dolls after the original dolls from the 1940’s and 1950’s that were known as the world’s best dressed toddler dolls. The dolls are recommended for ages 3 and up.

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