Ideal Tiffany Taylor


Tiffany Taylor is an all vinyl 19” fashion doll made by Ideal in 1974 to 1976. She has rooted hair and was designed so that by turning the top of her head, her hair color could change from blonde to brunette. She has blue hand painted eyes and long individual eyelashes that are all present and look great. Tiffany is jointed at the neck, arms, and legs. Tiffany is wearing her original outfit consisting of a shimmery gold one piece swim suit with a heart in the center of the chest that is Velcro so that you can attach her sheer lime green gold trimmed coverup. She also wears her lime green open toed mules with heels. There were 12 outfits made and sold separate for Tiffany in 1975. Tiffany’s hair is still very shiny and she seems to be in very good condition. There are a couple of normal surface scratches from play, but I saw no marks or stains. She is beautiful!

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