About Us

Baby Doll Be Mine is a work of love by Von McManaman and Cristy Walker.

A little bit about Von:

Forever a doll lover, Von has been in the doll industry for about 35 years. She fell in love with porcelain when she made her first doll, and soon had people wanting to buy her dolls. She studied with several different doll artists…learning from each until she developed her own techniques.

Von loves to teach, and started sharing her expertise with others from her home. She outgrew the house, and her husband had a studio built for her. Within a year, her classes were at capacity and she had a long waiting list of ladies who wanted to study with her. She has taught hundreds of ladies to make porcelain dolls.

Von’s dolls have been sold all over the United States and to other countries. But she had to give up the porcelain dolls because of her failing health.

Now she has a new passion..using her artistic talents to reborn vinyl dolls and working side by side with her daughter, Cristy in day to day business at Baby Doll Be Mine.

Yes, she and Cristy, are “playing with dolls” again!! And LOVING it!!

A Little Bit about Cristy :

Cristy is one of the lucky people who have found a way to use her hobby to help make ends meet. The oldest sister of five children, Cristy’s dolls often got loved a little too much. One day at a yard sale, she found a favorite childhood doll who had also been over loved. She purchased it and restored it to look almost new. This was the beginning of a wonderful and fulfilling passion.

Cristy researched and read everything she could get her hands on to learn all she could. Friends started bringing their dolls to her to fix. She started selling her restored beauties on ebay in March of 2002 and has earned the trust of many faithful buyers with a feedback score of over 6300 with 100% positive feedback.

She has teamed up with her mother and best friend to start Baby Doll Be Mine. It is proving to be a wonderful partnership with the combination of new, vintage and beautiful reborn dolls.