American Character Sally Says


Sally came in two versions. The first Sally had a watermelon mouth and was 19″ tall. The second version which is what we have here, was 17-1/2″ tall and had fuller, pouty lips. This Sally was advertised by American Character as “the perfect preschool walking and talking doll for for ages three to six” She operated on a D battery and has a knob on her back that gives you the option of speaking her 11 phrases slow or fast. They had the perfect solution if your Sally became ill. You could remove her mechanism and send it in for repair. She was part of the Blue Ribbon line of dolls. This lovely doll still talks! She is in good condition with two very small nicks in her nose and has open close eyes. We are not sure if her outfit is original, but it fits her perfectly. We have replaced her shoes, socks, and panties.

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