Cabbage Patch 2 African American Preemies



Here we have the old with the new.  There are two African American Preemie Cabbage Patch dolls that are about 14 inches tall with vinyl heads and cloth bodies.  The one in the blue romper is the oldest and is marked Copy 1979 1982 Original Appalachian Artworks Inc. Manufactured by Coleco Inc. then there  is a number 53 in a square and the number 1.  The signature on the doll rear is in black ink.  She is wearing an original Cabbage Patch outfit.  The second doll is newer and is made by Hasbro.  The signature on her rear is in blue ink.  This baby is wearing a mommy made flannel gown.  Both dolls have been played with and have a few snags and the bumps and scraps you would expect from a doll that has been played with. 

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