Ideal Thumbelina


Thumbelina is a beautiful 20 inch doll made by Ideal in 1961.  She has a vinyl head and ¾ length vinyl limbs on a cloth body that has a mechanism in the tummy that makes her head rotate when the knob on her back is turned.  This Thumbelina in our opinion is in wonderful condition.  Most dolls from this time frame that were made of vinyl have turned to a pale whitish gray color.  This little girl has amazing color!  She still has her knob and her head does still move.  She is wearing a replaced vintage little gown and slip set in a pale mint green color.  The outfit has lots of lace, embroidery work and entrodou but I did notice a couple of pin holes in the fabric. She is not mint, her body does have some stains that we have not tried to remove.  She has also been played with so has normal bumps and rubs, but nothing terrible.  She does have a place on her knuckle on her left hand on the middle finger that looks like it could have been a bubble in the vinyl when she was made.  There are also a couple of pink spots that seem to be common in older dolls, two on her forehead and one on her leg.  For her age, she is in good condition.

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