Porcelain Pensive Paula


Pensive Paulette is an original limited artist edition #23 of 250. She was created by the very talented Teena Halbig in 1991. Paulette is about 15 inches tall with a porcelain head, ¾ length legs, and below the elbow arms on a cloth body that has an armature in the arms for added poseablility. She has strawberry blonde hair and beautiful green eyes with lashes. Paulette is wearing a very detailed off white gauze dress with lots of lace, ruffles, and silk ribbon rosettes. Under her dress is a full slip and pantaloons trimmed in lace, cream long socks, and cream shows with pearl centered rosettes at the toes. Paulette is signed and numbered with a black thin marker on her neck and she comes to you with her wrist tag, a stand, and an envelope containing her COA, prototype picture, and cash register receipt, all neatly packed in the white box with the Teena’s Dolls sticker on top. The price tag for the doll is still attached on the end of the box as well as on the inside lid of $270.00.

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