Berenguer OOAK Dino – Might


This little guy is on an adventure with his very own dinosaur!  He comes from the factory as a bald baby, (see picture, and we do have some left that have not been modified), but he is just so sweet with added hair and little boy touches, we could not resist adding them to enhance his personality.  Now he is a true one-of-a-kind little boy doll. We added a nice  blonde wig and eyelashes then treated him to a mani/pedi. We chose a cute new three piece outfit featuring his favorite…the dinosaur! We added an adorable pair of new little  sneakers for his feet. This little one has a big smile that shows off his two new shiny teeth. He has 1/4 vinyl limbs on a cuddly soft body that we added additional weight to for more reality. He is about 20 inches tall and comes with a plush dinosaur toy from our props bin, his pacifier, and his original outfit  and box as shown.

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