Betsy McCall

In May of 1951, Betsy McCall first appeared on the cover of the McCall’s magazine. Then Moms and daughters looked forward each month to see what the Betsy McCall paperdoll inside the magazine would be wearing that month and what the little story would be about. I was one of those little girls. Merry and Kerry were Betsy’s twin sister and brother, and she had cousins Barbara, little Linda, and Sandy. She also had a friend named Drew and a little dog named “Nosey”. In September of l952, Betsy was introduced as a 14” doll, to the delight of little girls and their moms. In the late 1990’s, she was introduced as an all vinyl doll with a big wardrobe especially for doll collectors. This special Betsy and her pals were produced by award winning doll artist Robert Tonner. Betsy is usually seen with brown hair, however she was also made with red hair.

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